How to Pack Fragile and Easily Deformed Food

How to Pack Fragile and Easily Deformed Food

Nowadays, the commodity economy develops rapidly and people demand more on the packaging of goods. Packaging has become the problem that food companies need to tackle. There are many different kinds of food, solid, liquid, fragile, easily deformed food. Solid food can be handled easily by directly using the vacuum sealer, fragile and easily deformed food cannot simply be packed by a vacuum packaging machine. 

In order to deal with fragile and easily deformed goods, outside pumping vacuum packer was designed with the function that prevents sharp edges puncture bag and affects the quality of goods. The principle of outside pumping vacuum packer is eliminating air at first, then, filling the vacuum nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, a single gas or mixed gas of 2 to 3 kinds of gas. Nitrogen is inert gas, playing a role as fill up. This keeps positive pressure in the bag, so as to prevent the air outside bag getting into the bag and protect food. Carbon oxide gas will dissolve in all kinds of fat or water, turning into weak acid carbonate, inactive mycete, corrupted bacteria and other microorganisms. 

In addition to the primary effects of deoxygenization, outside pumping vacuum packer also has the function of compressive strength, the air resistance, anti-staling, can be more usefully make food keep the original color, fragrant, taste, shape, and nutrient value for a long time. Food after dealing with vacuum packaging machine, the pressure in packing bag is higher than that outside packing bag. It usefully avoid food split or deformed because of compression, and does not affect the appearance and printing of packing.

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