The Applications of Food Vacuum Sealers

The Applications of Food Vacuum Sealers

Food vacuum sealers are welcomed by the customers and are widely used in all kinds of food packaging due to their advantages of preserving the quality and extending the edible periods of food. We put food into the packages, remove the air in the packages and seal the packages when it reach the predetermined degree of vacuum. The main applications of food vacuum sealers are listed as the following aspects.
In the application of keeping meat fresh. Food vacuum sealers are successfully applied to the preservation of meat, which greatly extend the edible periods of meat. The packages usually are made from non-breathable materials, which can reduce the air density around meat so as to prevent the fat oxidation, the growth of the myoglobin and the aerobic microbial in the storage of meat. Carbon dioxide and other gases produced by the glycolysis of meat can inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria.
In the application of cereals and beans. Food vacuum packaging has been widely used in the production of cereals and soya products. The commonly seen flat roof-like packaging of rice reduces the harmful gases produced during the processing of rice to a large extent. The transparent polyethylene film can make the rices displayed, producing a self-marketing effect. After the processing of food vacuum sealers, products' shelf life can be prolonged to 3 years, which will greatly expand the sales scope of products.
In the application of slowing down the oxidation of food. The fat of food is easy to produce the peroxide of fatty acids when the food is exposed in the air or just simply packed, which will destroy the phospholipid composition in food and make food have the oil taste, resulting in the weakening or disappearing of food's edibleness as well as the commodity value.
There are many other applications of food vacuum sealers in the food industry, which can not be totally listed here. Needless to say, the applications of food vacuum sealers have indeed solved the problem of food's short shelf life to a large extent, which has greatly promoted the development of the food industry.

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