The Developing Trend Of Vacuum Packaging Machine

The Developing Trend Of Vacuum Packaging Machine

In today's world, the tendency of vacuum packaging machine technology development is mainly manifested in the following respects:

High efficiency: the production efficiency of high-efficiency vacuum packaging machine has rise from several to dozens per minute, air inflection - air exhaust - sealing, a series of steps can be finished within few minutes. Yeasincere’s vacuum machines have more working efficiency.

Semi-automation: Yeasincere is doing research for high automation vacuum packaging machine. It can used for vacuuming meat products, vegetable, water containing wild vegetable, pickles, marine food, yeast, garlic products and so on.

Stand-alone multiple function: using multiple function on stand-alone machine can easily extend the range of application. Achieving stand-alone multiple function should achieve the building block design, it is capable to become a kind of variety vacuum packaging machine by exchanging and combining the function module. 

Production line assembly: once the functional part becomes more needful, concentrating all function on a stand-alone would complex its construction, it is also inconvenient in operating and maintenance. In this situation, combining several machines which have different function and suitable working ratio together into fully functional machines.

Adopting advanced technology: in the way of packing method, mostly adopt gas packing instead of vacuuming, combine with air inflection, packing material and gas packing machine; at the technological aspect, mostly use computer and micro electronic technique; about sealing, use heating pipe and cold sealing; assemble advanced device onto the vacuum packaging machine.

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