The Trend of China Vacuum Sealer Machine

The Trend of China Vacuum Sealer Machine

At present, international packing machinery market is under the fierce competition, the general developing trend of packing machinery towards high-speed, high-efficiency and Hi-Q, emphasizing low energy consumption, light weight, compact structure, small occupation space, efficient, acclimatization in design, and the requirement of the operator and environmental protection, also some new kinds of material such as alloy material, high polymer material, composite material, inorganic nonmetallic material constantly popularized and being used. In the view of contemporary developing trend, becoming integrating, intelligence, networking in food’s packing machinery has been the mainstream in the future growth.

Vacuum sealer package machine has been in widely developed since 1950 - the polyester and polyethylene plastic film were applied to commodity packaging. America has longer history of packing machinery in the world, they already have an independent and integrated packing machinery system, the varieties and output are listed behind any other countries. American automatic operation program is being used for more advanced packaging, each enterprise in America is devoted to seek special and beneficial packaging for global market from the ways of packing material, equipment, selling, and so on, it is entering into a new packing world of mechatronics, laser scanning, wireless radio-frequency emission, NT (Nanotechnology) and system simplified.

Japan, as ranking second only to America which is packing machinery producing country,  although Japan has a later start, its packing equipment has been through the research process of import, digestion and growing, it improves a lot during absorbing other countries’ advantages.

Small and medium-sized enterprises dominate Japanese packing machinery manufacturers, they mainly focus on these two core technology, one is using computer technology into packing field, the other is developing advanced packing machinery. After packing mechanical equipment has been invented, Japan does standard assay to products while testing machinery’s securing, hygiene and energy-saving.

Compared with America and Japan, China packing machine is poor at the technology aspect - poor control technology and product reliability, China packing technology is slow in update, limited in new technique, new material and new craft, in the perspective of Chinese overall packing industrial development, there are some enormous differences with developed countries. In the view of packing products, Chinese packing machine equipment is lack of high precision and up-sizing packing products, low technical equipment level, legacy device, inefficiency, poor precision, all of these disadvantages make domestic packing machinery enterprises being short of competitiveness in the international market.

From Japanese packing machinery experience, they adopt new technology from other fields firstly, and then start new progress. The successful experiences of foreign packing machinery indicates that the investing rate that the enterprises provide in researching and developing products is quite important - 1% is hard to survive, 2% could be bearing maintaining, 5% or even more could be more competitive.

In order to make a new progress in packing machinery market for China , it is necessary to attract positively more talents , manufacture marketable products while increasing research funds. At present, China packing machinery rely on huge domestic market requirement to be rapidly growing, for further long-range evolution, China packing machinery needs to be focus on current situation, try the best to work out the problems of lagging in technology and underfunded.

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