The Working Principle of Food Vacuum Sealer Machine

The Working Principle of Food Vacuum Sealer Machine

How long the warranty is for vacuum sealer machine to store food normally? Does it still add antiseptic agents after vacuuming? What is working principle of vacuuming preservation?

Vacuum packaging means putting food into the special vacuum bags, deflating air from the inside then sealing, accordingly, the food would be perfectly vacuumed.

The working principle of vacuum sealer food preservation:
Deflating internal air to prevent aerobic bacteria from growing.

After vacuuming, the whole packaging would be immersed in steam heating water bath, the vast majority of malignant bacteria would be killed during this time, including some noxious anaerobic bacteria.

If it is necessary, we can put some boosters into the vacuum package, such as phase-changed material, ethylene adsorbent, carbon dioxide remover, humidity regulator, etc, to improve on storing quality of vacuuming sealer. Generally, it is not allowed to add antiseptic substance while vacuuming food to extend food expiration date, antiseptic substance needs to be dissolved, thus, we only can put it while it is needed such as for beverage or bread and so on.

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