vacuum food sealer

vacuum food sealer

Household Vacuum Sealer VS150 White

China Household Vacuum Sealer Factory Yeasincere offers Household Vacuum Sealer OEM ODM service, low noise when working, easy to connect to vacuum canister.

Innovative Home Vacuum Sealer VS150C White

China Innovative Home Vacuum Sealer Maker Yeasincere offers Innovative Home Vacuum Sealer OEM ODM, contract production, with Detachable roll holder, built-in cutter.

Stainless Steel Classic Vacuum Sealer VS100S Black

China Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer Contract Manufacturer Yeasincere offers Stainless Steel Classic Vacuum Sealer OEM ODM, Compact design, stainless steel housing.

Classic Vacuum Sealer VS100 White

China Classic Vacuum Sealer Manufacturer Yeasincere offers Classic Vacuum Sealer OEM ODM services, strong vacuum pump, CE/GS/RoHS/ERP certificates, support pulse.