2016 Hottest Product Sous Vide Cooker SVC150

2016 Hottest Product Sous Vide Cooker SVC150

Sous Vide is a cooking method in which food is vacuum sealed in a plastic pouch and then cooked at a gentle temperature in a precisely controlled water bath. Compared to other cooking methods, sous vide provides more control and allows for perfect, repeatable results every time. The method is easy to learn and takes much of the stress out of cooking. Food can be held at a perfect level of doneness for a much longer time than usual methods allow.
With sous vide cooker SVC150. Cooking will become easier:
  1. Exact doneness for delicate foods
  2. Low-stress cooking by eliminating short windows of time for perfect doneness
  3. Meals can be prepared ahead of time and still taste delicious; even days later
  4. Serving delicious, tender and moist cuts from tougher cuts that are less expensive

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