An Introduction of the Sous Vide

An Introduction of the Sous Vide

Sous Vide, one of the cooking ways of the molecular gastronomy, was studied and used by the three-star French chef named Pierre Troisgros in 1974.
In 1974, the original intention of the French chef PierreTroisgros using the Sous Vide is to reduce the weight and water loss of the foie gras. He succeeded in making the weight of foie gras only reduced by 5% after cooking. In the same year, Brouno Goussault began to use Sous Vide to deal with beef. Now Sous Vide is becoming the mainstream cooking method for the senior Western restaurants to deal with meat, fish, vegetables and fruits.

Pack the food by the Food Vacuum Sealer, or wrap it by the plastic wraps. Then put it in the Sous Vide Cooker to cook it at a low temperature for about 65 Celsius degree. The temperature and cooking time of different foods are different. Two machines play important roles in the Sous Vide, and they are the Sous Vide Cooker and the Food Vacuum Sealer.
Sous Vide reduces water and weight loss as much as possible; preserves the flavor and color of food as well as the fragrance of the spices; reduces the use of salt, or makes salt not needed any more; keeps more nutrition of food and retains more vitamins than steaming and cooking methods; does not need oil or only needs a little oil; ensures the dishes of each cooking the same dilicious; makes it possible for you to prepare your dishes as early as possible because food can be frozen again after Sous Vide cooking and can be cooked again when you need them later.
Sous Vide also reduces waste as much as possible; minimizes the weight loss of food so as to control the weight of the finished product; greatly improves the taste of even ordinary meat; saves more energy than using the oven and gas cooker; decreases the kitchen lampblack pollution; provides the possibility of different food being cooked at the same time in each individual package; does not need a special chef; wins more preparation time for you.

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