Analysis of China Automatic Packaging Machine Status

Analysis of China Automatic Packaging Machine Status

In recent years, China has an inspiring developing effect in automatic packaging machine industry, but, to see the essence by the phenomenon, there is a potential shortcomings that people just cannot help feel deeply regretful about it, so what exactly impedes the development of the industry? Where is the way out of the China automatic packaging machine industry in the future? There are three summaries about the trouble that China automatic packaging machine industry is facing with on the following:

1. The disordered competition in automatic packaging industry is impeding the industry to make its progress, the "innovation" in business gets itself a developing misunderstanding. As for the packaging industry, Chinese unique and new cooperation method of "centralism & decentralized" was exaggerated boost by the mainstream media and some industry experts, it seemed that this was the only way to save Chinese packaging machine industry. But the fact is, during these years, the whole packaging industry was suffered by the injury, that approach reduced the threshold of packaging machine's follow-up process which would cause the disorder competition in the industry, industry lacking of industrial innovation, some packaging enterprises which are scaled and substantial dropping out for the low profits and the fierce competition, the recombination and upgrading of packaging industry is confronted with a dilemma.

2. China automatic packaging industry has been always imitating, less surpassed. China packaging industry develops from single-single machine to large scale production line, it has less independent innovation. It has always been a weakness in its quality. Chinese automatic packaging machine equipment's cost performance can adapt to most of the customers, it is much weaker than European in high-end models equipment, it seems Chinese originality is worse. 
National industrial policy and standard are not adjusted timely as well as the low level becoming the shackles in industry developing. Under the occasion of technology's progress and industry's constantly revolution in the last few years, the old standard is not adapt to the packaging industry development requirement, and it becomes seriously behind the existing social common technical level, the voice of increasing industry standard is much higher, the national standard has become the obstacle of the development of industry. Let's take a look at how Europe industry lead their technical to be improved, for instance in auto industry, Europe always closely track the new technology in the world, and establish a set of strict emission standard before new technology becomes popular, therefore, Europe is always in technology leading position, which becomes the unique situation of Europe exporting to the global market.

All the above reasons cause the whole China packaging industry in a disordered competition stage, it needs to be changed fundamentally, facing the realistic, no unreal innovation, China packaging industry still has a long way to go.

Analysis of China Automatic Packaging Machine Status

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