Maintaining Method of Vacuum Sealers

Maintaining Method of Vacuum Sealers

Nowadays, as an important mechanical equipment in industrial manufacturing, vacuum sealer becomes indispensable, not just to few enterprises. Nevertheless, how to be ensured that vacuum sealer is in smooth running and fully plays its property during service life is the common issue for many people who are using or going to buy it.

Vacuum sealer was invented for advancing the quality and efficiency of food packing machine. Although vacuum sealer is made of metal material, it is firm enough for satisfaction and capable of using for a long-term, it cannot be damaged easily. However, it is a necessary and practical equipment in industrial production, hence, it needs to be kept in a good repair so as to increase its service life, promising a warranty in different aspects to ensure the production quality.

Vacuum Sealer Maintaining: In the first place, it should be cleaning. 
The basic steps:
1) After using, turn off the vacuum sealer, promptly clean the metering part. For instance, after working for granulated sugar and radix isatidis granules or table salt, the dish and plate can be prevented from corrosion by cleaning immediately.

2) For heat-sealing machine, regularly clean-up is necessary to maintain a distinct venation of sealing part.

3) The photoelectric tracking flash end which we call it tuning eye, it requires regular clean to assure some tiny error of cursor tracking.

4) The small sundries that dropped down on the machine occasionally needs to be cleaned out in time to keep machine in neatness.
5) Cleaning out timely the fine and dust from electric cabinet, in caser=band contact or some other improper trouble occur.

The next thing is lubrication. Various metal components exist inside of vacuum machine, therefore, lubrication is required for ensuring process flexibility - egularly clean and fill engine oil on gear engagement, plummer block oil filler hole and other operation parts. While filling lubricating oil, please be attention not to drop oil drip on the transmission belt, causing slip, turn-in or damage of belt.

Finally, repairing.
After an using period of time, particular overhaul is necessary and very important.
To insure the good performance of each part in the vacuum machine, including:
1) Regularly check out all the bolts of vacuum machine, avoiding dynam relaxed situation.
2) Be careful for water, moist, decay and mice. Internal electric cabinet and terminal blocks need to be totally neat, in case of electrical fault.

With the promising development of technology, a new upgrading era of vacuum sealer machine is inevitable for China even all over the world. Fortunately, the way of using and maintaining would never be changed.
Exploitation of energy conservation (water, electricity, oil or gas), resources saving (material, supporting material), less energy dissipation, large output power, nice dynamic stability performance, low noise and pollution is the growing direction of vacuum sealer machine in the future.

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