The Tendency of Foreign Food Vacuum Sealer

The Tendency of Foreign Food Vacuum Sealer

Since the polyester and polyethylene plastic foil were successfully apply to commodity packaging in 1950, the new type technology vacuum sealer comes up and gets quickly developed. With the development of modern economy and the leap of industry growing, the markets such as food market requires more in area of food packaging, thus, packaging machine plays an important role in the circulation domain. At present, the competition of food vacuum sealer has become more intense, the packaging machine would cooperate with industry automation trend, promoting the overall level of packaging equipment and developing it with multi-function, high efficiency and low consumption would be the most important thing for vacuum packaging manufacturers.

The new research and development of small size vacuum sealer creates development opportunity, and it becomes new power to be in front of people. Engineering industry combines with industrial restructuring to lower product consumption, optimize product structure, improve product variety and quality, enhance its competitiveness, this is aim to satisfy the requirement of entirely building harmonious society, market would grow by the development and revolution of vacuum sealer. Compared with the last years, vacuum sealer has the improvement in appearance, however, technically, there are just few progress being made, this probably relates to the lack of technicians in the district, increasing the production technological contents and management level has become the most urgent issue of vacuum machine manufacturers.

Since the vacuum sealer being successfully used in commercial packaging area, it gets rapidly developed, the trend developing in technology area is mainly including high production rate, automation, stand alone multi-function, complete production line, and, adopting related new technique:

1. High production rate. The production rate of vacuum sealer has been improved from several pieces per minute to 10 pieces per minute, and the production rate of the type- “thermal forming- filling- sealing”, which could produce more than 500 pieces per minute.

2. Automation. Vacuum sealer machine should be provided with the integration of vacuum- sealing- printing- cooling.

3. Stand alone multi-function. Using multi-functional device on stand alone equipment can easily extend its range of application. Using stand alone multi-function should adopt MD(modular design) for its conversion and combination.

4. Composing production line. Combining some machines with different function and suitable efficiency to constitute a better production line.
5. Adopting related new technique. By the ways of packing, it is more common using gas packing to replace vacuum package, closely combining with air inflation ingredient, packing material and vacuum machine together; in control technology, there are more computer technology and micro electronic technique; at the aspect of sealing, applying heating pipe and cool sealing technology.

The Tendency of Foreign Food Vacuum Sealer

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