The Trend Of Food Packaging Machine Automation Transition

The Trend Of Food Packaging Machine Automation Transition

Due to the less of product variety, low technological level, and poor product reliability, the vacuum machines in our country are now facing intense international competition. Especially in the past five years, accelerating the development of agricultural product intensive processing, building an economical society and developing a circular economy are becoming the climax of a new round technology import. For instance, in recent years, our country has invested more than 3200 million into the agricultural product intensive processing, above 80 percent of processing and vacuum plants are from export.

Vacuum machine producers pay their more attention to quick developing and lower-cost vacuum plants, developing the equipment with smart, flexible, multipurpose and high-efficiency. Yeasincere Company considers that it includes time saving and cost reduction, hence, the packaging market is tend to pursue a type of packaging plants which is in combination, simplicity and also removable. During some different ways such as imitation, technology and fund import, global purchasing, Chinese vacuum machine manufacturing standard and industrial design are growing rapidly. Today, it is not so hard for Chinese vacuum machine manufacturers to get some key-components according to global purchasing, so as to improve their equipment in technology level and reliability rapidly.

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